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A place where you can trade our cards and find the ones that are missing from your collection. Are you afraid of being scammed here? Don’t worry, we got your back! Only original Cryptomeda cards are available here.

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Cryptomeda is all about the community, each of you has the power to shape Cryptomeda itself. Be part of the future and vote for your preferences!

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Q2/2020 Cryptomeda
  • The idea behind Cryptomeda
  • Building the team
  • Development begins
Q3/2020 Cryptomeda
  • Card design concept
  • The Cryptomeda backstory
  • Project architecture
Q4/2020 Cryptomeda
  • Final card designs
  • Card animations
  • Staking partnership
Q1/2021 Cryptomeda
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Website launch
  • Team expansion
Q2/2021 Cryptomeda
  • Seed round token sale
  • Private token sale
  • Community Quests
  • Legal entity establishment
  • Marketing campaigns
Q3/2021 Cryptomeda
  • Website upgrade
  • Public token sale
  • Uniswap Listing
  • Staking platform launch
  • NFT launchpad
  • Polygon implementation
  • Marketplace launch
Q4/2021 Cryptomeda
  • Youtube story production
  • NFT items smart contract
  • Cross-chain development
  • Cardano marketplace development
Q1/2022 Cryptomeda
  • Cryptomeda expansion
  • Physical NFT items
  • Mobile game launch
  • NFT Story comics
Q2-Q3/2022 Cryptomeda
  • The story ending (episode 1)
  • PC game development
  • NFT book
  • Episode 2 starts

Team members

Cryptomeda | Martin Jerabek

Martin Jerabek


8 years of experience in strategic analysis, and economics. Business analyst of blockchain technologies for over 5 years.

Cryptomeda | Dusan Trizuliak

Dusan Trizuliak


Senior UX/UI Designer and Artist over 10 years of experience. Currently Cryptomeda Design Team leader.

Cryptomeda | Martin Hromek

Martin Hromek


Software engineer with over 10 years of experience. Currently, Cryptomeda Dev Team Lead.

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